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2020  © Uptown 3D

Revision, Refund, Delivery, Copyright policies 

Effective date: January 3 2020

Revision policy

Uptown 3D (  here and below could be termed as "we", "our", "us"  ).

1. All services ( excepting product modeling )  on our website includes two free of charge revisions. 

1. 1 A revision: a change or variation to an initially presented—or in-progress—design concept.

1.2 For services: Logo 3D template; others ( excepting Product modeling ) revisions are limited by two.

1.3 For services: Product 3D modeling; revisions are limited by three.

2. Final delivery: no less than the visual quality presented with preview examples on our website.

3. Uptown 3D reserve the right for a flexible pricing with making a revision.

3. 1. Client reserve the right to refuse the proposed price for a revision. In this case, the work is completed to a state suitable for final delivery. Without changes that require an additional fee.

4. Uptown 3D reserve the right to reject the work with a client. Same reserving for the client. In this case, a full refund immediately.

Refund policy

1. Full refund within 30 days.

Delivery policy

1. All Delivery terms are indicated in the items' descriptions.

2. Term is indicated by business day.

3. A business day is considered every official work day of the week.

4. Violation of Delivery terms is prohibited. Funds returns to buyer.

Copyrights policy

1. Copyrights. Free for Commercial use.

2. Providing with a Source file does not equals to providing with Autorship copyrights. 

3. Reselling to a third part services without our agreement is prohibited.

4. Publishing to our portfolio is only after client's agreement. 


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